Day “1” No TV 30-Day Challenge

December 2, 2014 by

Day #1

Not so bad this no TV stuff, at least not today, at least not so far.  It is a Monday though and I have been able to keep my self pretty busy with work, food, a walk, this blog…. but it’s getting dark now and that automatic TV thought has risen twice, it came – and it went – it came – and it went… hummmm.  I think I’ll be ok, I’m going to have some dinner and putter.  I’ll let you know how goes…


8 Responses to Day “1” No TV 30-Day Challenge

  1. Janina

    I do know how to knit but I’m not very good. I can show you the basics. Felting though, that’s totally my thing! Let me know when :D

    • kimberlyblake Post author

      Sweeet, I better buy myself some needles and yarn! I will even need direction on choosing those items, that how much I DO NOT know about knitting, but I’m committed, I have to do it!

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