Ok so I thought I would set some parameters around my NOTV challenge – Since it is Christmas time I am going to allow myself 3 Christmas movies to be played at home on my DVD player whenever I choose, but only to be watched once Ha!  I’m choosing Elf, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, and The Polar Express.  I am also going to allow myself to see movies at the theater, I don’t do it often and it really doesn’t qualify as TV anyways, at least not in my opinion.

Today was an off day, no work, melancholy mood so I did a late breakfast with my youngest son and then we went and saw Interstellar, my kind of movie by the way!  Except for…. Now I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but I live in Montana, and it is winter time, and seriously cold, today I think it was around 20, maybe!  Anyways we get our tickets and head towards our theater to find that the heater in the theater was not functioning…. really it was just as cold in the theater as it was outside, the one other couple in our theater was bundled up in heavy coats.  When I inquired about the frigid conditions of theater #7 and requested blankets, management generously offered a full refund, with access to the frozen theater if we so chose, which we did.  So I ran to the car and grabbed my down parka to layer over my down vest and my son and I enjoyed 2 hours and 45 minutes of frozen toes, it kind of added a certain ambiance to the whole Interstellar space theme of the movie.  Grateful to be home now and cuddling with my heating pad!