Day #4 NOTV

December 5, 2014 by

Happy Thursday!!!

My day started out utterly lovely!  I have a small cleaning and home organizing business. Thursdays take me to Whitefish.  This mornings drive to work was exceptional, with a light snow falling, it was rather dreamlike.  And then… upon arriving to my clients house my two favorite boys of the Golden Retriever persuasion greeted me with a stuffed animal hanging out of Buddy’s mouth and a large smile spread across Rex’s face, tails wagging and love oozing out of every pore… perfection!

On the subject of my 30 day challenge so far I really haven’t experienced any real NOTV breakdowns, withdrawals, or side affects and I feel GOOD!  I think the real test might be the weekend, we’ll see. I seem to be pretty good at keeping myself occupied, and on any given day I very rarely experience boredom.  I’m keeping todays post short though, it’s been a long beautiful day and I’m tired.




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  1. Janina

    oh but soon we can hang out on weekends because i will have time. what is that??? i’m looking forward to taking a break from staring at sheep brains. :/

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