Day #8 NOTV

December 9, 2014 by

I’ve started my blog today 6 times now.  I cannot for the life of me think of anything remotely interesting to say about my 8 days of NOTV except for that I didn’t turn it on.

Part of this whole blogging thing is that it forces me to a write everyday, and not just to write, but to be able to write something that someone else might want to read.  This is hard for me. I get inspired to write. I have been inspired to write since I was a kid but it was not a constant thing.  So forcing myself to sit down and do it anyways produces rather unpleasant feelings in my solar plexus, it’s TOTAL performance anxiety, and this is funny, because I have only done a “Super Soft Launch” for my website meaning that only 3 people even have access to it – that means… that nobody is even reading this and I’m still sitting here with razors in my belly, now that’s FUNNY!!!

Until tomorrow,


5 Responses to Day #8 NOTV

  1. Janina

    I think it will get better. How about some “book reports”? Have you read “the four agreements”? My friend just recommended I read it.

  2. Mom

    Day 9? Good for you. Writing daily is hard. Real writers tell me that waiting for inspiration is not going to get the job done. But it sure is easier when one feels compelled for a reason.

    • kimberlyblake Post author

      Ya there have been some days that I just didn’t want to write and then when I did sit down to do it, it kind of just flowed and ended up being fun! A Process for sure!

      • kimberlyblake Post author

        Thank you for being my sole commentator, I appreciate it! I hadn’t realized you commented on the 10th til now ha ha.

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