I’m a little behind on my daily blogging, and I’m not really into it again today, but I’m going to persevere here anyways because I started this and tho’ i refuse to torture myself, I am going to finish in the kindest way possible.  I did hear the other day from one of my favorite peeps, that we become our very own and slightly abusive life coaches, and it made me laugh out loud when he said this because it is absolutely true for me.  I bark orders at myself like no other, I put myself in situations or set parameters for myself that can be brutal, and then I seriously refuse to make another choice because “I said so!”.  It is a bit nuts when you think about it but rather funny!

Due to the above mentioned realization I have decided to make an effort to be much kinder to myself.  I have also decided that it is perfectly ok to “change your mind” such is the way of life right, stuff is always changing, why set such ridged rules.  So it is half way through this challenge and instead of sharing my “battle” with the NOTV, I’m going to honestly share how I have been morphing the guidelines of the challenge almost daily.  I forgot when starting this challenge that one of my favorite things to do at Christmas time is to wrap presents while watching Christmas movies —  So I, while trying to keep my commitment, watched a couple of my movies more than once and that got old very quickly.  So I decided that I will watch any Christmas movie I want while wrapping gifts.  But here is another funny discovery, as soon as I made this decision, literally 15 minutes after I made this decision, I lost interest in the movie and turned the off the TV!  Go figure :).