I won’t linger here for too long it is after all January now but I did want to say a couple of things about my NOTV challenge before I move on.

I found it interesting all the excuses I tried to make for watching TV last month — actually I guess I let a couple of them squeeze by but overall I stuck to my guns and completed my month successfully.  I will say tho’, that the power of addiction is a sticky wicked one even if only for watching TV.  I found my self substituting even food for the lack of TV and getting down right ornery more than once.  Once I settled in, and actually it was the last week when Christmas was over,  I observed myself in a curious way.  It was easy to slide onto the couch after work with my book rather than automatically turning on the TV.  I felt more peaceful. More present.  Less distracted.  Even now that the challenge is over, I am not on automatic pilot anymore with the ole Boob Tube and I’m still opting for a book when I need to relax. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED