I love giving out compliments it’s my favorite.  When I first started consciously doing this, I really was looking forward to the reactions from my receivers as some sort of evidence of my “do-gooding”, I mean really, it IS pretty cool when you can put a big smile on someones face.  But positive feedback isn’t the end game for me anymore (tho’ I do get smiles more than not), I wouldn’t want to hold back just because someone didn’t seem to appreciate my compliment.  Some people just aren’t used to receiving compliments. Other people may be having such a bad day they don’t even have the energy to acknowledge your compliment. But this does not mean that your compliment has gone unheard, and that it has not… somehow, added a layer of goodness to someones possible horrible day!

As for planking…. Im on day #3… and it was a 30-second hold today, not too bad, I had my son check me for “plank posture” and I received a thumbs up!

That’s it for now.  Oh Yeah…. “You’re Gorgeous!”