Im a self proclaimed Free Spirit, I was born that way, and it seems to me that growing up with such openness would lead one down a blissfully peaceful path, when really most of the time it was confusing, sad, disappointing, discouraging, and extremely awkward.  You try squishing your star shaped soul into the standard round shaped hole.  It’s like trying to make a pair of size 6 1/2 shoe work for a size 8 foot, you really really want to “fit in”, but it’s just NOT gonna happen.  In retrospect Im very grateful for the way all things have played out, who I know myself to be, who I AM, but the journey… UGG!

And it is about the journey you know, everyone says so, but lets get real, the journey isn’t always pleasant and we might as well get honest about that,  if it sucks, I say scream it from the roof tops!