So I wondered, what would be a good draw to my blog.  I wanted something interesting and engaging, something I could have fun doing, something I could share with my audience on a daily basis other than my day to day goings on.  Hummm I thought, what if I did some 30-day challenges?  They seem to be popular right now.  I know I get inspired when I see others doing them, I wonder if that’s just me.  I tossed the idea at my very BEST friend to see what she thought and lo and behold her brain started engaging so YES, I’m excited.  So every 30 days I will be doing a new 30-day challenge.

I will make daily posts about my experiences on my blog page and I enthusiastically invite anyone who may be inspired to please join in, and feel free to share your experiences as well.  Woo Hoo!!

Below is a list of the 30-day challenges I will be engaging in.

Ready Set Go!!


30-Day Plank & Compliment Challenge
January 1st – 31st

Compliments:  I love giving out compliments it’s my favorite.  When I first started consciously doing this, I really was looking forward to the reactions from my receivers as some sort of evidence of my “do-gooding”, I mean really, it IS pretty cool when you can put a big smile on someones face.  But positive feedback isn’t the end game for me anymore (tho’ I do get smiles more than not), I wouldn’t want to hold back just because someone didn’t seem to appreciate my compliment.  Some people just aren’t used to receiving compliments. Other people may be having such a bad day they don’t even have the energy to acknowledge your compliment. But this does not mean that your compliment has gone unheard, and that it has not… somehow, added a layer of goodness to someones possible horrible day!  BLOG

Planking:  I want to build my core.  I have a super long torso and I get these aches and pains but because I was spoiled with a natural 6-pack when I was in my 20’s I never really had to work on that part of my body, yep that was awhile ago so now I’m going to get proactive.  I have a friend who teaches pilates, she runs frickin’ circles around me it’s ridiculous, so I am officially “in training” and I’m adding Planking to my regime of “getting physically healthy-er” activities! BLOG



30-Day No TV Challenge
December 1st – 31st

I have watched more TV in the last two years than I have in my entire lifetime.  And that’s quite a contrast considering that as a kid I was mostly raised in a “NO” TV zone.  At the time I felt it was very unfair – though looking back of course I’m grateful for the opportunity and allowance of maximum brain cell development to take place and it did leave lots of time for imagination & exploration, a bit of a rarity these days and for that too I am forever grateful.  Thanks Mom!

With that said, the last couple of years has found me in a place of change of monstrous proportions – and so I took the TV as my companion and allowed myself to indulge in episode after episode of Netflix series and seasons … I was seriously a very scary vision and quite unrecognizable with the permanent blue glow cast upon my face.  Really… my kids were worried.  But now I RISE and I’m very excited for new adventures so here I go!  BLOG


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